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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What's this Virtual Tour and Health & Wellness Evaluation?

A1: The virtual tour allows us to be in our homes anywhere in the world, on the computer together, shows you around the products/ business/ website and to answer all of your questions.

The evaluation shows numbers like: Body Mass Index (BMI) - determines whether your weight is ‘healthy’ or not, Resting Metabolic Rate, the amount of Protein and Water your body needs to increase wellness, etc. ($40-$50 charge by a nutritionist or health centre, but our service is FREE)

Q2: Do I have to diet?

A2: We recommend that you do not go on a diet. You simply blend the products into your daily eating habits. Your coach will help you with this.

Q3: I take lots of different medications and have lots of health issues, can I still use the products?

A3: Yes, you can use the products. Some of the products have ‘Warning Labels’, if there was a reason anyone should not use the supplement, it would be listed on the label. We recommend sharing with your doctor what you are doing, so they can monitor you as you start to feel better and/or manage your weight. If they has any medical issues, ask them to write down the issues and we will forward them onto our medical board.

Q4: What do we do exactly?

A4: You know how a lot of people these days are stressed, they’re depressed, have aches and pains, digestive issues, they have little or no energy and there’re struggling with their weight.

Our 1st job, being a Personal Health & Wellness Consultant is to help these people with their health and weight issues.

Our 2nd job, we offer a business opportunity that allows people to earn income running their own Internet Business. We show them how to Work From Home Online Part-Time and possibly turn this into a Full-Time Income. We also teach them how to save on taxes while running your own business.

Q5: What happens if I get asked a question about the products/business that I do not know how to answer?

A5: Tell them that you do not know the answer, but that you will find out. Genuinely explain to them how you feel on the products (more energy, weight management, etc.) and that you would like them to take a look. (Ask your coach any questions that you have received, they will help you find the answer) We also have a handy script to follow when making phone calls to friends/ family about the products/ business.
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